Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Unconstitutional Slaughter of the American People

I don't mean to be unkind. But, I think I am a little testy watching the Constitution being ripped to shreds by warmed-over Woodstock radicals who were brought up on the "end justifies the means" philosophy of the 1960's. So forgive me if I offend you when I say, "Have you taken a look at Louise Slaughter?" She is the chairman of the House Rules Committee. The one who is drafting the Slaughter Rule that will allow Nancy Pelosi et al to "deem" the Senate bill passed in the House without an up or down vote. Without transparency. In complete rejection of the Constitution and the checks and balances designed by our Founders, celebrated by generations of Americans.

Ms. Slaughter looks as bitter and pinched as the cadre of criminals she joins in Pelosi and Reed and Emanuel. Sour, ex-hippy types, demanding the bill become law, despite the will of the American people, against the votes of their own party. In complete defiance of democracy. With reckless disregard for everything America stands for.

I don't know where it stops. The abuse of the Constitution that is. For years that sacred document has been compromised, chipped away at, but this is a blunt force wham! of catastrophic proportions. For me, it is enough. This is my Gettysburg. The battle that must be won. Or else.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt did more damage to our Constitution in the name of a crisis than anyone before or since. His almost four terms in office and coddled place in history has, I believe, done more to embolden this crowd than anything. They think we will fall for it. Have fallen for it. They think we don't understand what they are doing. That once passed, we will acquiesce to the bill and accept their version of the truth (read: lie). They have only their best interests at heart as they squander our future and the future of our children in the name of ideology, that at its roots is contrary to everything this country is. And they are using our money to accomplish their goals of enslavement to the State. Which means to them.

These are the spoilers that hate everything free and successful. You can see it in their faces. No matter how much they have been plumped and altered. Mean-spirited determination.

I don't care what any of the pundits say. Passed or defeated, this fight is not over. It can't be. Our liberty and the future of this great country is at stake. That precious document, the Constitution has been rent in two. And it is time for those of us who understand the true meaning of the destruction to put it back together.

Take a good look at Louise Slaughter and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Let their faces of defiance and arrogance be our motivation to reclaim the America our Constitution guarantees.

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