Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If (pick one: George Bush, Ronald Reagan) Said Half the Stupid Things Obama Says

If liberals were intellectually honest we would be hooting it up over the latest Obama gaffes.
Never mind Joe Biden's, they're too predictable and regular and, well, easy. The late night hosts like Letterman and Leno would be having a field day with Obama if they could only face the fact that their man is a dunce.

In Strongsville, Ohio yesterday the President said during his health care rah rah speech: "Your employer, it's estimated, would see premiums fall by as much as 3000% which means they could give you a raise." I am no math wizard but I did spend 20 years in the investment business managing billions of dollars and if I am not mistaken the most an asset or price can decline is 100%. To follow the President's, well I can't in good conscience call it about train of thought? If it were possible for something to fall 3000% it would mean that in the case of health insurance, the insurance companies would now owe the premium holder something over $100K annually for the privilege of providing them insurance. No wonder the Dems will do whatever it takes to get this bill passed--even if it means tossing the Constitution. When you've just spent trillions of dollars you don't have, those kind of savings really stand out. 3000% savings, yes please!

Absurd? If so, why isn't the media and the satirists and the self important comedians yukking it up over such a claim?

Or how about in Obama's Fox News interview with Brett Baier today? Brett asked the President which sweetheart deals (like the Louisiana Purchase) were still in the health care bill. Rather than answer the Q, the President held up a finger and said, Now wait a minute, Brett. And then he lucidly explained in defense of the Louisiana Purchase: "...It also affects Hawaii which went through an earthquake so that's not just a Louisiana provision, that is a provision for every state that is going through a natural disaster."

Did I miss something? What Hawaiian earthquake classified as a natural disaster just occurred?

Perhaps it happened in one of the "57 states" Obama campaigned in.

Boy Wonder. Unhinged.

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