Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Pelosi Think Method

Professor Harold Hill, the shyster salesman, of Music Man fame developed the famous "think method" to teach youngsters to play musical instruments. His theory argued if the children simply thought a musical tune, they would be able to play it. An ingenious way for a musical ignoramus to charm money out of tight-fisted Iowa parents enamored with the idea of their children mastering the fine art of making music. The "think method," as winningly described by the fraudulent "professor" captured the imagination of the gullible Iowans and lined his pocket with cash.

Fast forward to Nancy Pelosi. Ignoramus extraordinaire. Today she announced that the House plans to deem the Senate's version of the bill passed without even taking a vote. In other words, Nancy Pelosi, is employing the "think method" to passing health care. If I only imagine the bill passed, it will be passed, is what she is effectively telling the world. Though I lack the votes or the support of the American people, I am going to simply "think" it into law. No vote. No bill, in fact. Just the power of positive thinking.

What a gal.

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