Friday, March 5, 2010

Obama's Scarlet "A"

It seems to me we just can't skirt around the abortion issue any longer. Not with Obamacare staring us down, and a yee-haw Congress ready to push through something, anything, so long as they can call it health care reform and spend another $3-6 Trillion dollars we don't have.

The abortion issue has to be confronted because as it stands, the plan--despite Obama's obfuscation--does indeed federally fund abortion. Meanwhile three of our elite Navy Seals are in military court being tried for punching a terrorist. Am I the only one who sees the tragic irony in this?

These Seals captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq. You remember him, the notorious creep who masterminded the murder and public display of the corpses of four security guards working for Blackwater. Dangled them from a bridge while the crowds cheered below. Apparently if we follow the logic of the left it is A-OK to annihilate said terrorist in the womb but once he is out in the fresh air terrorizing and killing our citizens in a most barbaric manner we mustn't punch him in the gut. Mustn't. Very bad behavior. Naughty naughty Navy Seals.

But I digress.

So here's the deal. The way I see it, abortion is bad. It is, quite simply, murder. Abortion snuffs out the promising life of the weakest among us, those who cannot speak or fight for themselves. A precious new life, sucked into a hose and disposed of like trash. Life and death is God's business. He gives and takes it according to His will and I have no interest in coming between God and his will. Nor am I interested in paying for it.

I can already hear the cacophony of objections about Choice and A Woman's Right and frankly, those tired arguments don't interest me; they are hollow and disingenuous. We don't have the right to choose who lives and dies. Sorry. I just don't buy it. And the more we blur the line of what words and actions actually mean, the further we fall into that mucky abyss of double standards and dangerous group think. The kind that cheers when dead bodies hang from a bridge.

There is nothing about this health care plan that will be good for the country or good for our health. And in my mind at the top of the list of why this is a very, very bad idea is the increase in the availability of abortions by funding them with taxpayer money.

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