Thursday, March 18, 2010

The First Black Irish, Or Is That Irish Black President

Honestly, I am satiated. Completely.

Filled to the brim with the historic nature of everything Obama. Now we hear Obama is the first Black Irish president. Oops, so sorry. I keep getting that wrong. The first Irish Black president in American history. Even more historic.

According to Political Intelligence, he told a recent gathering of Irish Catholic women in Scranton, PA, "My family story is familiar to Irish-Americans: a distant homeland, a journey across an ocean in search of opportunity, determination to grab hold of hope and the American dream," the half-Kenyan/half-Kansan man wearing the green tie said before reminding his crowd that St. Patrick was a former slave.

"Another reason why the story might be familiar is it turns out I have Irish heritage," Obama went on.

"Of course!" a woman blurted out.

"One of my earliest American ancestors came here from a tiny village in Ireland," Obama said. "It never hurts to be a little Irish when you’re running for the presidency."

Please pass the barf bag.

But, Obama raises narcissism to a new level. When Bret Baier remarked during the President's first Fox News interview that he received 18,000 emails regarding their interview, Obama replied that he received 40,000 emails each day. Oh yeah? Well I get 60,000 email response to my blog each day. So there!

Is this the leader of the free world?


He seems more like the kid everyone loved to hate in middle school. The whiner, the one who cried when he didn't get an A on a test, the one who lied about everything so everyone would love him. The one we all thought was a sniveling idiot.

But just as Ronald Reagan had his Margaret Thatcher, Barack O'bama has his Nancy Pelosi. Unlike Lady Thatcher, Ms. Pelosi brings nothing to the table except a mean spirit and a quasi-medical expertise, in things plastic. Ms. Pelosi is determined to pass this historic bill for this historic president, even if she has to disregard the Constitution in the process. Enter Louise Slaughter, author of the Slaughterhouse rule--the right to "deem" passage of the bill without voting on it, despite what the 200 plus year old Constitution says. According to the Friday, March 19th Wall Street Journal:

"Yesterday, Democrats defeated 222 to 203 a GOP resolution that would have required them to vote up-or-down on the text of the Senate's Christmas Eve bill. Big Labor hates that bill's tax on high-cost health coverage, and rank-and-file Members are so embarrassed by its kickbacks that Democrats are resorting to the procedural trick of "deeming" it passed instead. Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually told reporters this week that "nobody wants to vote for the Senate bill," but she'll do what it takes to impose it anyway."

How could the Constitution possibly stand in the way of the historic reign of Barack O'bama and Nancy Pelosi?

Meanwhile the Minions are romping around Capitol Hill claiming that the Head Leprechaun, will actually reduce the deficit through health care spending of $1 Trillion dollars (to insure 30 million people mind you) we don't have. Except that they forget to tell you the claim is based on ten years of taxes to fund the bill and only six years of expenses. Plus, many expenses are not included, accounted for in other places it seems and much of the claimed savings are actually shell-game savings, which is the kind of accounting for profits that landed Bernie Madoff in prison.

Historic if I do say so.

No really. This brazen chicanery is indeed historic. Doubling down on health care is the Democrat's Waterloo. The battle is just beginning. And it will be chronicled blow for blow in the history books. It will be historic all right, but not in the way O'bama intends.

Trust me, the good guys win. I know because I deemed it.

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