Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Starve the Beast (you know who I mean)

There is much to think about. And to fret about. What with the President's Exit Without Victory speech last night in front of the pained, captive cadets of the United States Military Academy at Westpoint. We can wring our hands over the foolish and, frankly, reckless comments made by MSNBC (does anyone actually watch that network any more?) clown Chris Matthews that the president was making his speech in "enemy camp." Our esteemed military academy "enemy camp" for the Commander in Chief? Cut the microphone cord someone. Please.

Many have talked of the speech and the incoherent strategy being offered by the president after many, many, many months of ignoring the commanding general's request while President Obama consulted military geniuses like John Kerry, the final meeting including the president's budget director. We wouldn't want to get all out of control on the spending now would we?

We are sending 30, 000 troops so we can turn around and bring them home in eighteen months (Did you hear that Taliban leaders? Eighteen months and you have free rein.) Why not seventeen months some of you may ask. Why not nineteen months? I don't know, I guess because eighteen months coincides so nicely with Obama's run for re-election. And if I weren't so sick about the shameless politicizing of our troops (I have one of my own at the illustrious United States Naval Academy, Annapolis) this would make a fabulous Saturday Night Live skit.

So, honestly friends I need a distraction. And thank goodness Nancy Pelosi provided one.

$2993 of taxpayer money for flowers. Not for the whole year mind you. She spent, let's call it $3,000 shall we, just between June and October.

If this isn't fresh evidence we need to starve the beast and get behind her newly announced opponent I don't know what is.

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