Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All Men Are Created Equal, But They Don't Perform Equally

All of a sudden we are living in a lowest common denominator world. We are being told everyone is entitled to health care, mortgages, whatever they lack. These are rights we hear. It was inevitable I suppose. A woman's "right" to abortion, to privacy (ironic in light of current health care proposals) started the snowball. But the fact is, we aren't entitled to any such thing. None of the above. Allow me to illustrate with a personal story.

During high school, women's gymnastics was the rage. Olga Korbut, Nadia Comenici these were my idols. Gymnastics was one of the few sports women could participate in then so I saved my money, bought a leotard and joined the team. What I didn't have by way of talent I made up for with guts and determination. I flew fearlessly over the vault, learned to master the forward roll on the beam (hold your laughter please) and despite the fact that I had little to no upper body strength, I hoisted myself onto the bars to complete the compulsory routine. To this day, I alone hold my high school's record on the uneven parallel bars: the only competitor to receive a complimentary one from a threesome of snickering judges (now you may laugh). But it was the floor routine I desired to master. I watched the girls who could do aerial cartwheels and back flip flops and believed that if I wanted it bad enough I, too, could perform the stunts. So one, day I closed my eyes, pointed my toes, lifted my arms in the traditional gymnastic salute and threw myself backward...onto my head. Crumbled in a heap on the floor. My humiliation was made complete by the coach who threatened to throw me off the team for trying a stunt without spotting, especially given my level of talent. "Some people are not meant to be gymnasts!" she hollered. "No matter how badly you want it."

Those words echo even now. No matter how bad I wanted to be a gymnast, I didn't have what it took. The judges didn't score on desire, they scored on talent. I was created equal to the other girls but my talent wasn't.

Some men, too, are not meant to be President of the United States.

It is one thing to campaign in the opposition, point out mistakes, make promises. It is another thing to execute. As you have undoubtedly heard by now this president's approval ratings are the lowest of any modern president at this point in his administration. The promises Obama made, as hollow as they appeared to many of us, convinced the majority during the campaign who now see otherwise.

I have been silent for a few days trying to compile a list of the atrocities we have witnessed in ten short months. I know I have missed a great deal--there is so much material. So, please write to add to the list. The pace has been dizzying for sure, but here is my best attempt:

  • Obama's must-have $787billion stimulus upon election;unemployment has risen from 7.6% at the time of passage to 10.0% at the end of November.

  • Eric Holder, Attorney General and king of the criminal pardon (Marc Rich) announced that the United States will try self-confessed, 9/11 terrorists in civilian courts, with the rights granted by the Constitution to CITIZENS.

  • Obama is so unable/unwilling/uncertain how to create jobs (though he is qualified to run the free world) he held a "Jobs Summit" and demanded the business people in attendance make recommendations to him on how to stimulate hiring.

  • The cold blooded shootings at Fort Hood by Major Hassan elicited an other-worldly response from the President as he went to the microphone to announce the tragedy but first greeted fellow Democrats attending the event and gave a "shout-out" to some one who wasn't even there. So bizarre, so utterly disrespectful to the dead and their families. Then after days of media coverage the investigation was dropped and we have heard almost nothing of Major Hassan and the politically correct culpability of our leadership.

  • Obama using the office of the President during one of the most severe recessions in modern history flew to Copenhagen to make a personal appeal for the Olympics (and lost). Talk about political paybacks...

  • Under Obama's stewardship, the annual deficit has risen from $422 billion at the end of January to $1.42 trillion at the end of October. This is before Cap and Trade and Health Care.

  • Obama's cadre of Czar's is unprecedented and the scandals surrounding not only the Czars but many in his cabinet are staggering. Remember Van Jones (self confessed communist), Anita Dunn (Mao worshiper), Geitner, Daschle and various other tax cheats.

  • Acorn. Acorn. Acorn. Despite the scandal, Eric Holder recently told an interviewer that the Administration believes they can continue to fund Acorn despite Congress' vote to cut funding. Huh?

  • Health care reform will not change your current coverage. Will not fund abortion. Presidential promises. You decide.

  • Corporate salaries limited, confiscated and determined by Obama's Pay Czar. Remind me where the authority is in the Constitution?

  • Obama bowing to the Saudi King, Emperor of Japan and Chinese premier. But not Queen Elizabeth. That he bowed at all is ridiculous of course. But do we see a pattern?

  • The gate crashers at the state 'tent' dinner. The possibility that his administration is as incompetent as it seems by that omission is too frightening to consider.

  • Finally, and sadly, the circus surrounding troop allocations for Afghanistan. This president's politicization of the troop surge has and will cost lives and is utterly despicable. I cannot say more except the irony and timing of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize is literary.

There's more I know. But I am exhausted from his performance. The Man-Who-Would-Be- President-But-Can't would do us all a favor if he found some community to organize and did so. But as a president? Suffice to say, I give him a complimentary one for that performance.

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