Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lead by Playing Golf--Another Obama First

I don't want to be distracted from the health care crime the Senate committed against the American people on Christmas Eve, yet the Christmas day terrorist attack in the skies over Michigan deserves our attention. Because, in essence, it is part of the same problem.

Irresponsible leadership.

President Obama continued on with his Hawaiian golf vacation for almost three full days before he took the time to inform the nation that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was “an isolated extremist.” Except the problem is, he wasn't. He is a self confessed, Al-Quada-connected terrorist. And to make matters worse, while the President was enjoying the links, his Administration was busy circulating the Sunday news programs saying things like: "the system worked." That from Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, earning her the nickname: Janet Incompetano. I hate to draw an obvious comparison but does Janet Reno and Waco ring a bell?

And, may I ask where the critics are that assailed President Bush during Katrina? Demanding he end his vacation and return to the helm? Rest assured, they are still with us, still peddling their form of editorial journalism at places like The Washington Post, which declared Obama's un-response to the terrorist attack: "low key." Below is an excerpt from the Post's, December 27th report:

"President Obama has performed a difficult but familiar balancing act over the past few days: ordering new security measures in the wake of an attempted airliner attack without excessively alarming the public -- or triggering an outcry from civil liberties advocates.

He has done so almost entirely out of sight. On vacation in Hawaii, tucked away in a lush neighborhood where his family is renting a waterfront home, Obama dispatched surrogates back in Washington -- chiefly Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano and press secretary Robert Gibbs, who appeared on the Sunday talk shows -- to reassure the public and explain his approach.

Yet even as the president avoided cameras and played golf and basketball over the weekend, his aides were quick to explain how fully Obama minded the aftermath of the Detroit case."

No longer can we call this editorial journalism. This pathetic pablum can only be called one thing: Propaganda. No where is the word "terrorism" or "terrorist" used. No where is the President's delayed response challenged. No where is the Homeland Secretary's absurd statement: "the system worked" denounced or even thoughtfully examined. There is no outrage over his "lush" waterfront home or the fact that he amused himself with golf and basketball instead of addressing the American people in the aftermath of the terrorism.

The standards traditionally used to measure not just President Bush, but all former presidents no longer seem to apply. Ignore terrorists, ignore the airline security of Americans, ignore the cold-blooded shooting of our soldiers at Fort Hood, ignore the unemployed, ignore the Constitution, public opinion, common sense economic policies and most importantly, the truth and you will be hailed as "historic."

The question is: historic what?

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