Friday, December 11, 2009

God is a Conservative

Many years ago my mother called me and breathlessly exclaimed, "God is a conservative." How do you know this, Mom, I asked? She quickly replied, "Read Ecclesiastes 10:2. "

A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man's heart directs him toward the left.

I had to agree she had a point. And if God's word isn't enough we now have living proof that fools do indeed turn to the left.

I don't like using the word fool. Especially in print. And I have racked my brain, scoured my Thesaurus to come up with a more genteel word for those who would make us slaves to the state. But in my 50 plus years I have learned one thing, sometimes you have to get into the mire, sometimes you simply have to call a spade a spade. And those on the left are fools.

Only fools would pretend that human beings have the capability to meaningfully or permanently alter the temperature of God's earth. There is no scientific proof that this is the case and now we know that whatever "science" was being peddled as proof by the global warming kooks has been fudged and altered to support their theory. We know this because their emails have been exposed by a Russian hacker. Those of us who knew it intuitively, now have confirmation. In print. Global warming, climate change, by whatever name is a hoax.

The Waxman-Markey bill also known as cap and trade that was passed by the House (my, they have been prodigiously busy little creatures these past months) attempts to "control global temperatures by creating a “cap” on greenhouse gas emissions," according to the Heritage Foundation. The taxes applied to energy at every level of production if the bill is enacted into law, will cost the average American household (of four) $3,000 per year. It is also estimated the bill will cost 2.5 million American jobs by 2035 and "produce a cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) loss of $9.4 trillion between 2012 and 2035" again according to Heritage.

But here is my favorite part: "according to estimates based on IPCC data (the authors of the hacked emails/fudged data are associated with the IPCC, it should be noted), the Waxman-Markey bill would only impact global temperatures by .044 degrees C (about .09 degrees F) by 2050." (Heritage) All of this spending and job loss and economic contraction according to the experts will reduce the earth's temperature by only 1/10 of one degree over the next 40 years.

Only a fool would fall for that.

(Picture of Bobby enjoying the snow in the California foothills is courtesy of my private collection of Global Warming Snapshots)


  1. dude or dudette,

    Man has always been tempted to create God in own own image. Is it wise to project your belief upon the Creator, or is it the height of arrogance?

  2. Tongue in cheek my dear friend. Tongue in cheek.

  3. My. How... Blatantly self-obsessed. "Humor shall soften my declaration that I am closer to God than others!"

    I'm sorry, but that was painful to read. Does this actually reflect your personal beliefs? That you are a "Chosen of God" due to your political affiliation? Wow.

    I read through a few of your other posts as well, just to make sure that I wasn't missing some wry humor here, or something. Nope. Just an angry woman that sees the world in black and white - let me guess, you also blamed government and regulation whenever your company underperformed and was eventually acquired by a larger firm?