Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama Care Has No Clothes! Or ,Why I am Opting Out

Obama Care Has No Clothes! Or, Why I am Opting Out.
One of the most important premises underlying the study of economics is the notion that people will always act in the their economic best interest. We assume the same of our leaders. That is our biggest mistake.

Help me understand how the cost of health care, as Obama promised, will not add to the deficit. In September he told us "I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits-either now or in the future. Period." If he intends to cover the uninsured, a number he cited as 47 million, then 42 million and now 30 million Americans, how is that possible? Further if we do not know the terms of the bill or which bill he is referring to how can we believe him? Is he talking about H.R. 3200? Or the Baucus bill? Though, the Baucus bill wasn't written at the time of his speech. Or perhaps it was. How would we know? The transparency we were promised has gone all foggy.
I've read the CBO scores. And the revised CBO scores. And the revisions to the revised scores. Here is my view: when the numbers don't add up they don't add up. This is the same President and Congress that gave us the $789 billion stimulus that is really going to cost $3.27 TRILLION. (see http://blog.heritage.org/2009/02/12/true-cost-of-stimulus-327-trillion/) This is the same stimulus bill that Obama promised was necessary to hold unemployment at 8%. Oops.

I like my health care plan. I like my doctor. I can't recall one thing the government has given me that I have liked nearly as much, except perhaps, the Blue Angels. I had the privilege of watching them burn through tens of thousands of dollars of fuel this weekend and I couldn't have been prouder to be an American and a taxpayer. When our elected officials can perform their duties with the precision of a Blue Angel pilot they'll have my support and, more importantly, my trust.

Until then, I'm out.

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