Monday, October 19, 2009

Brrrr! I might freeze if Al Gore doesn't do something about Global Warming

Conveniently Truthful

I guess I am a contrarian by nature. Ever since the 1970's when we were told there was not enough oil to last us through the year 2000; and we were warned of a coffee shortage, then a sugar shortage and finally (I am not making this up) a toilet paper shortage, I have had a healthy suspicion of government predictions. Terms like "every body knows" or the "conventional wisdom" or it is "a given, "it will," "we must," "you should," cause me to automatically examine the alternate view. Because in my 50+ years every time Uncle Sam tells us the sky is falling--it doesn't.
So it does not come as a surprise to you, I suppose, when I tell you that I have never put much stock in this global warming hoo-hah.
Lord Christopher Monckton, former adviser to Lady Thatcher is one of the most articulate opponents to Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth and the actual "science" behind the Global Warming "crisis." He is not alone, of course. A majority of Americans don't buy the story either. But that isn't stopping Obama's government from pushing forward on the dangerous cap and trade bill. With our attention focused on the Health Care (I am sorry I just can't call it Reform) Bill, not much time has been spent discussing the unnecessary financial burden this bill will foist on--once again--the middle class.
On October 15th Lord Monckton gave a speech at Bethel University entitled "Is Obama Poised to Cede U S Sovereignty?" It is worth your time. Pass it along. While the lights are still on. And the power to run the internet Al Gore invented is still connected. Before we are subjected to the taxes these people want to slap on every kilowatt of energy we use. Oh yeah and have a Coke while you're at it. They want to tax that, too.

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