Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Head Czar is Fiddling While Our Troops are Under Attack

The Commander in Chief continues his never ending campaign for Adored Leader of the Free World while General McChrystal waits (week 8 and counting) for the President to decide on a strategy in Afghanistan. Those of you who assumed the question of strategy was settled when Obama appointed McChrystal in March after an exhaustive review of the Afghan situation are understandably confused. So confident was Obama in McChrystal, he hand-picked him to replace the previous commander. Selecting the general was a good decision. He is a tried and decorated soldier. So what are we waiting for?
The President has been understandably busy. Giving speeches for one. Not counting his failure before the Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, the president has crisscrossed the country making remarks, speaking to groups and attending DNC fundraisers (four in the last few days). These are no ordinary fundraisers, mind you, these are $34,000 per couple gala's.
Where is the decency? What about decorum? Not to mention leadership.
Imagine the outrage if President Bush were in the same situation. Unemployment at historical highs, a deficit that is growing so fast it is unfathomable to the average citizen, soldiers fighting in two wars and $34,000 per couple fundraising dinners? I think not. President Bush gave up golf once he committed troops to Iraq because he was worried about appearances. That's good leadership.
Our current Fiddler-in-Chief, has taken multiple vacations, flown his wife to "date night" in New York City for dinner, commanded an unsuccessful boondoggle to Copenhagen, sat as a guest on late night comedy shows and attended multiple fundraising soirees.
That's just bad leadership.
"The only man who makes no mistake is the man who does nothing. " Theodore Roosevelt

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