Thursday, July 22, 2010

Speaking Out of Both Sides of the Presidential Mouth

"When we continue to spend as if deficits don't matter that means our kids and our grand kids may wind up saddled with debts that they'll never be able to repay."
President Obama on signing the Improper Payments Bill 7/22/10
"You just can't make this stuff up."
Nancy Tengler 7/23/10

This from the most outrageously spendthrift administration in the history of the United States. This from the man who increased the deficit from north of $400 billion when Bush left office to a CBO estimated $1.85 trillion in 2009.

Let's start with a definition of terms shall we?

  1. deficit equals the difference between government revenues and government spending. During the last year of the Bush Administration the deficit was greater than $400 billion. In 2009, the first year of Obama's Administration the deficit was estimated at $1.85 trillion. For 2010 it is expected to be around 1.5 trillion. Our government is borrowing 41 cents for every dollar it spends. It is crucial to understand that a deficit in one year is added to the deficit in the previous year. That cumulation of deficit spending becomes our debt. Current debt? $13.2 trillion or approximately $42,798 per citizen. And they're just getting started.
  2. government revenues = taxes. Taxes are my money and your money being hijacked by the government to pay for programs we have no say in. Entitlements, give aways, preferential hiring and spending--things the Founders, in their wildest nightmares, could never have imagined. Sen. Byron Dorgan's recent statement on the Senate floor is all you really need to know about Washington's perspective on revenues and taxes. He went after Republicans who supported tax cuts that would "reduce this country's income." Our representatives in Washington think it is their money. Not ours.
Obama decries the spending out of one side of his mouth while signing into law another $33 billion extension in unemployment benefits almost simultaneously. $33 billion dollars we don't have. Just pile it on, no problem. But don't think we are going to "continue to spend as if deficits don't matter." No sir. We're not going to saddle our children and grandchildren with debt. Not on your life.

Well, not at least until we have to start paying for Obama's Health Rationing Plan. Wait to you see the bill for that one!

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