Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The End Justifies the Means Crowd

We have all encountered these people. The mother who wheedles, cajoles and nudges her daughter onto the elite soccer team. The father who lobbies the high school football coach to start his son over another at quarterback. These parents don't care how their actions might hurt other people's children, they don't consider the implications for the team they may be impacting or even what they are teaching their own children, they simply care about getting what they want. About achieving the desired end result.

We all know these kind of people. Now, they are running the country. And they are laser- beam focused on their desired end result with a determination and ruthlessness like I have never seen.

  • The lies: In early February of 2009, President Obama spoke to a crowd at a Virginia construction site promising that his stimulus plan (being whisked through Congress then) would create 100,000 more construction jobs across the nation. 11 months later none of those jobs (or others promised) have materialized. Instead, since the "stimulus" bill was passed earlier this year the economy has lost 2.7 million jobs. (3.4 million since Obama became President.) But yesterday Nancy Pelosi claimed President Obama's stimulus has "created or saved" 1.6 million jobs. So there.
  • The method: Despite promising a transparent government and bi-partisan legislative process, President Obama has stacked his Administration with over 30 "Czar's" generally unapproved by the Senate and unaccountable to the people. The health care bill has been a partisan, closed door (Republicans literally locked out of the debate) secretive process where legislator's votes are bought with taxpayer money and our representatives are voting down party lines on a bill they have not read. Though our president promised during the campaign he would televise the debates on C-Span, those cameras have been kept out as have the Republicans. So much for transparency and bi-partisanship.
  • The end: The goal is to increase government control over our lives. The goal is not to improve or even expand health care coverage. If it were, universal coverage would be a goal of the bill, competition would be increased and the changes would be implemented immediately, not four years hence.
When I think the behavior can't get any more despicable it does. Over the weekend, The Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack was walking out of a fundraiser for Martha Coakley, democrat candidate for the Senate seat vacated by the late Senator Kennedy, attempting to ask her a question when he was pushed to the ground by Coakley staffer Mike Meehan. The video shows Meehan shoving him over a metal railing, picking him up then shoving and taunting him as McCormack tried to walk away while Coakley stood by and watched. In 2010. In our nation's Capitol.

I guess when you are Martha Coakley and running for the 60th vote needed to pass the Democrat's health care legislation in the Senate the end is all you care about. And you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

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