Monday, January 18, 2010

A Disturbing Pattern, To Say the Least

Some days, when I just can't take it any more, I lace up my hiking boots and head to the foothills behind my home.

I have been doing a great deal of that lately.

I acknowledge there are glimmers of good news here and there--Scott Brown of Massachusetts for one. But the overwhelming surge of news flow is, frankly, suffocatingly depressing. Take this morning's world headlines from The Wall Street Journal (in the order they were listed):
  1. "The Taliban launched a coordinated attack on the Afghan capital, setting off least five people were killed."
  2. "Al Quaeda...issued fresh threats against the U.S. and its Mideast allies, promising to retaliate..."
  3. "Somali pirates released a Greek supertanker and its crew of 28 after a rival pirate group attacked the pirates onboard..."
  4. "Two terror suspects won the right to seek compensation from the British government..."
  5. "Angry Muslim youths set a church filled with worshippers ablaze in northern Nigeria..."
The top five headlines, in order, from the WSJ. See a pattern?

I see more than one and the most troublesome to me is number 4. The U.S. government is taking a page out of the British playbook, granting terrorists rights that should be accorded only to Americans. By doing so they are, in effect, granting greater rights to the terrorists than to our own citizens. Completely subjugating our security by exposing state secrets in civil trials; at great national security expense AND great economic expense.

If we handed this problem to a child and asked, for example: "Bobby killed 1/2 your Kindergarten class, what should happen to Bobby?" The answer would most surely not be, "I know, let's give Bobby a chance to explain why he felt he had to kill my all my friends. I think we should hold an assembly and give Bobby the microphone."

No, more likely our precious Kindergartner would say something along the lines of: "Nuke him." OK, maybe not "nuke him" but you get my point.

Each day, our liberties are being slowly confiscated. If Nancy Pelosi and her friends have their way, we will turn over all our energy and health care needs to the same government that so brilliantly managed the H1N1 vaccination this past fall. And is now so gallantly giving civil rights to people who have told us in no uncertain terms they want to kill us and are busy going about the business of doing so.

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