Tuesday, July 10, 2012


After the British won the French and Indian War in 1763 they had a debt problem that needed a solution.  In Washington, a Life, Ron Chernow writes, "The national debt of Great Britain, inflated by military spending, had swollen to a stupendous 130 million pounds, with annual interest payments of 4.5 million pounds engrossing more than half the national budget."(136)

Sound familiar?

The British solution was to institute the highly unpopular Stamp Act which shifted the tax burden of the war to the colonists.  Without their agreement.

Sound familiar?

The only difference is that our deficit does not come entirely from defense spending.  Rather, entitlements are overwhelming federal spending.  Heritage reports--contrary to what the average media report suggests:  "Defense spending has declined significantly over time, even when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are included, as spending on the three major entitlements—Social SecurityMedicare, and Medicaid—has more than tripled."  

Entitlements are snuffing the life out of our future. 

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