Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Genius Terrible

Throughout Mr. Obama's run for the presidency and after his election we heard it oft repeated that he has a great intellect, that he is, perhaps, the smartest man ever to occupy the Oval Office. The pundits and media repeated the statement so frequently it became a "fact." Despite the actual fact there is no evidence to support the claim. Mr. Obama's transcripts and college records are sealed.

Sealed and shielded from public scrutiny. This genius of a president has made sure his records are buried. How this is done, I have no clue. It must take a great deal of complicity.

George Bush on the other hand was a bumbling idiot. For crying out loud, he got C's at Yale. What a moron.

And yet...

This president has repeatedly lied to the American people, repeatedly employed economic policies that have tripled our debt in his short tenure, increased unemployment catastrophically and full-stopped growth--all in one fell swoop. He forced through a health care bill with shady tactics and against a large majority of Americans further increasing our debt. He has exacerbated each crisis and then pointed his ever wagging finger in our faces and told us to put air in our tires or eat less salt or use less energy. Less. No. No more. Our best days are behind us. That is the legacy of this administration.

So who is the moron? We will let history decide. But I'll tell you this much. At least George Bush had the good sense and class to cut out the golf after 9/11 while this president parties and hits the links for almost two months as our fellow citizens in the Gulf drown in oil.

Can you say, "Let them eat cake," Mr. Obama?

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